Lynne Bradley, CRA 2024 Convention Chair   (760)-505-8758

When I first came to CA, I thought that Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, was kind of macabre.  I have to admit it was the Disney movie, Coco, which helped me to understand that the tradition of Dia de los Muertos was a beautiful tradition of joyful celebration and remembrance.  The main idea of the movie is that, as long as a  deceased ancestor  is  remembered, he or she lives on. Only when the person ceases to be remembered will they eventually disappear as one of the forgotten.  Still today, many people, especially in southern CA, erect elaborate ofrendas (altars where they place pictures of their departed ancestors  along with some of their favorite foods in order to remember them.  Also on the ofrenda are  candles and aromatic marigold flowers designed to help guide the ancestors’ spirits to the celebration.  So, the custom of DIa de los Muertos and the song “Remember Me” from Coco remind me that my ancestors live on as long as I remember them. 


Since our 2024 convention in San Diego falls right during the final preparations for Dia de los Muertos, during our time together, our rosemaling family will remember our rosemaling ancestors and make sure they are not forgotten.  There will be an ofrenda and we invite everyone to bring a picture or other small artifact to represent your personal rosemaling ancestors and heroes.   There will be a memory book available throughout our convention for everyone to write their personal memories and experiences. We’ll encourage folks to take a little time to read the memories that everyone has shared.  In a recent zoom class, some of us got into a discussion about the lineage of rosemalers who, from one generation to the next, have influenced –and continue to influence—the development of our beautiful art.  We invite the spirits of all those who have been our role models to joyfully join our party as we celebrate them and each other this October.