Nordfjord style 14” shallow Bowl
FEB. 7, 8, 9, 2024
  8:30am - 12:30 pm Pacific Time
Patti Goke VGM, will teach a CRA ZOOM Nordfjord Style Rosemaling Class in acryllics for CRA.
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If you've paid for this class, you should have recieved instructions via email.

Sponsored by CRA
(California Rosemaler Association)

Nordjord styled Rosemaling developed in the Nord-fjord region of Western Norway, in the northern part of Vestland fyllke (county). It is a small area about a third of the way between Bergen and Trondheim on the western coast. Museum pieces of this style began in the 1700s. The style was practiced until around the mid 20th century. The bowl centers may be geometric with interesting borders or flower based with symmetry. They have their own stylized tulip. The palette was limited with the background usually a red tone. Lettering is beautiful in this style and symbolism abounds.

Our teacher, Patti Goke, VGM, of Minnesota will be teaching this lovely 14” shallow bowl (or another piece of your choice) using acrylics. Class fee is $85.00 for 2023/24 members and $100 for others (covering the $15.00 membership fee). You are responsible for your wood, paints and mediums. Registration was open until Jan.6th, so if you have questions, see below!

I think you’ll love the class! Its a great item to put on your holiday list. For your information, the class will be recorded and if you have a paid registration, you will receive a link to the video after class. Zoom links for classes will be provided ahead of time along with all class materials.

A bit about Patti Goke VGM:

She has rosemaled for over 35 years, and taken many classes in Vesterheim, Norway, and Sweden. She was awarded the Gold Medal in 2007. She regularly teaches Zoom classes from her home in St. Cloud, MN and has taught at Vesterheim, and at various organizations from coast to coast, including two times at our convention (2006 & 2010). She has been a consultant to Disney for their Norwegian Epcot dispalys and for the artists for the movie Frozen. At this time, she limits her teaching to Zoom classes or local venues. She is a talented painter and delightful instructor with rave reviews for her teaching. We look forward to having her teach us. Her website is found here:

We hope to see you in the class! The class will be recorded meaning if registered, you will receive a link to the video after the class is held. You thus can skip the class times and make it fit your schedule.

Send questions to:

Katie Allen, 408-781-6450 or katie.d.allen68@gmail.com

Please fill out the form below.  You will then receive an email confirmation with the information of where to send your check. Upon receipt of payment, another email will send final class registration, with wood suggestions and paint selection information. Prep details, instructions and patterns will follow when we have received them. Within a week of the first class date your zoom link will be sent as well.

Member price: $85     Non-member price: $100

Class will be recorded so if you can’t make the dates, you can take it at your own time provided you are a paid registered attendee (must be able to complete it within 3 months).

There is a minimum number of 12 people needed for the class. No refunds unless class is filled by another student (for minimum of12 people). Also, there is no refund on the $15.00 membership fee. (Maximum refund is $85).

Make sure you use the same name that you used when signing up for you 2023 or 2024 CRA membership so that we can match our records.

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